Mijoux-La Faucille Area


Mijoux village


Translation of the name: In the middle of the forest

The village of Mijoux is the highest in the Valserine valley, the source of the river is there. Winter sports have been developing there since the 1950s and, just like in Lélexother activities gradually started to appear, like hiking and electric bicycles thanks to the National Regional Park of the Haut Jura who set up a special path for this activity: Au Fil de La Valserine.

Village map



The Faucille Pass area


Translation of the name: outline of a sickle seen from Lake Geneva
The Pass is situated on 2 villages : Mijoux and Gex.

The Faucille Pass is a historical site, that stage-coaches used to cross on their way from Paris. This route brought new information from the capital, which could sometimes create tricky situations. A customs office, turned into an Information Point in 2014, still showcases the Pass' "border".

Nowadays, the Faucille Pass is famous for its Tour de France stage, and has become a real adventure park: tree-top climbing, paintball, cable cars, rail tobogganing, hiking, etc. The view at the top of the cable car is spectacular: the Mont Blanc range and Lake Geneva are visible in the horizon...


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